Howdy Pards,

Welcome to the official website of BOLD, the Benevolent Order of Law Dawgs. We are a group of current and former law enforcement officers who are involved in  Cowboy Action Shooting. Cowboy Action Shooting is the fastest growing shooting sport in the country and, as far as we are concerned, the best! It's more fun than a truck full o' puppies.

The purpose of BOLD is simply to recognize the cowboy shooters who have served their communities as sworn law enforcement officers. Our members include city police officers, chiefs, sheriffs and deputies, detectives, special agents and military police. We have no dues and hold no meetins. We do issue a fancy certificate to our members. Well, not that fancy maybe, but we do have a heck of a lot of fun.

If you are cowboy shootin' law enforcement officer and are interested in being a BOLD Law Dawg just click on the membership application button below.

          NOTE: You will made a member of BOLD and issued a number even if you don't send in the $2.00. That just covers printing and mailing. There are no dues or costs at all to belong to this posse.

    Shoot Straight and Stay Safe,
                            Utah Bob

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This page was last updated on: November 14, 2006


Think you're the only BOLD member in your State? You might be surprised.

E-mail Utah Bob for a roster showing who is where.
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