The morning sun was just on the rise when Jake Harlow mounted up and headed west. The coolness of the new day felt good on his unshaven face. As a newly appointed U.S. Marshal, Jake had left New York not knowing what he would find. Little did he know of the adventures that lie ahead of him? He had never been west of the Mississippi River before now. Gold had been discovered out west, which caused a rush of men looking to find their fortunes. Unfortunately, few were getting rich and many were using the opportunity to rob and swindle most of the hardworking men out of most of their claims. Settlers were headed west in droves after the governments’ offer of free land for the taking. But Jake wasn’t thinking about tomorrow. He was feeling good with the warm sun on his back and a good cigar on his lips. Being a lawman wasn’t new to this young Scotsman, who had been a deputy sheriff for the last few years. Being a true marksman and one helluva good horseman had been to Jake’s advantage, so far. The new territories of the Dakotas’ and Montana will be Jake’s home for a spell. The lawlessness and corruption will have to be dealt with. Law and order will become a reality when they have to deal with “Jake Harlow, U.S. Marshal.”

Jake Harlow,
U.S. Marshal
By C. Daniel Leggett
Copyright 2005
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